New development strategy of the project SMC-Club

New development strategy of the project SMC-Club

Dear ladies and gentlemen!

Our SMC-Club project continues to develop, although it faces certain difficulties. As you know, on the territory where the farm was located, there were problems of an objective nature, and we will not be able to run it again there. In the next few days we plan to move the farm to a new location. After that, we will continue to develop the project with a new strategy.

To reduce the risks associated with the construction of large farms, we decided to adjust the overall development strategy and reorient it to the placement of water-cooled miners on the collocation of individuals.

In short, the new strategy is:

  • decentralization of water-cooled miners by placing them in private homes;
  • the use of heat generated by miners in the home for hot water and heating locations;
  • the use of electricity tariffs for individuals, which are much lower than industrial tariffs, especially when using night tariffs.

Read more about the conditions of placement, scheme of miners, characteristics and advantages of miners for heating systems and hot water supply on a special pages of our website: Russian English

The new strategy will provide a stable income from the SUNRISE miners for a long time.


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