Miner as a source of heat and profit

We offer you one of the most effective options for building home heating systems, such as underfloor heating, and home hot water supply (HWS) on the basis of the popular and reliable ASIC-miners SUNRISE s11tx. Miner s11tx is the best product of the Sunrise line of miners and the best solution in the world when using the heat of the miner for heating and hot water supply.

Miners Sunrise s11tx were produced in 2017 and 2018 in large series by the RMC project. Controller of miner is designed for connection of 12 boards, each board have 66 chips (16 nm). With 12 boards, the miner has a capacity of 72Th. However more convenient for heating on our experience is a miner with 8 boards on 48Th. Information about all parameters of the miner is displayed on the display by switching of several screens and in the web interface of the miner (see pic. below). Read more…